Guild Hall Windows

The Wellesley College Shakespeare House’s theatre is located on the second floor, and was known as the Guild Hall when the House was first built. Today, it is known as The Theatre.

The windows were installed in the second decade of the 20th century. Today they are living treasures of the early members of the Society, who built the House we all have enjoyed for more than a century.

Entrance Stage Left

Presented By Miss Pendleton (later President Pendleton of Wellesley College), Miss Hart and Mrs. Prince

The arms of Shakespeare
The arms of Elizabeth I
The arms of the Stratford Family

Entrance Stage Right

Presented By The Shakespeare Faculty members

The arms of Sir Francis Bacon
The arms of Sir Philip Sidney
The arms of Lord Hunsdon

Stage Left

Presented By The Class of 1908

The arms of Sir Walter Raleigh
The arms of Matthew Parker
The arms of Lord Burleigh

Stage Right

Presented By The father of Dorothy Binney, 1910

The Earl of Pembroke's shield
The shield of the Earl of Essex
The shield of Thomas Sackville